What the visitor notices when reaching Evritania is an Alpine view that calls to mind North European sceneries rather than typical Greek landscapes.


Aghios Nikolaos Village (Before entering Karpenisi)


Perched atop the mountains of Timfristos and Agrafa, Evritania prefecture is embraced by the rivers of Karpenisiotis and Trikeriotis that fall into the lakes of Kremaston and Kastrakiou. All these natural elements gathered in one area, compose a canvas of unrivalled beauty that immerse the visitor in a world that looks like Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Lord of the Rings.

The prefecture of Evritania has the cleanest atmosphere in Europe, according to scientific measurement reports that prove zero pollution levels. The main reasons for this is the fact that the area is covered by dense forests of planes, high firs and chestnut trees, as well as the limited -if any- industrial activity to the area.

Karpenisiotis River
Gorge near Proussos

The picturesque villages in Evritania are very traditional; they are full of local color, stone made and tiled roof houses, stone paved alleys and bridges. Hidden treasures are scattered all over the region for those who are keen on exploring off the beaten path; natural landscapes, picturesque villages, pure living and local delicacies wait to be discovered.

The region offers great infrastructure in luxury hotels, traditional guest houses, wide selection of restaurants and tavernas, as well as retail shops with local products.

Evritania is the perfect place for all outdoor sports. Especially for the activities of mountaineering, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, archery, mountain biking and 4weel drive safaris.

Furthermore, within a short distance (only 12 km.) away from the Karpenisi town, the capital of the prefecture, there is a fabulous ski resort with pistes for all levels to enjoy.

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Useful Info

Area Code: 22370

Ski Center (Velouhi): 23506

Tourist Office: 21016

Long Distance Bus (Ktel Bus from Karpenissi): 80013

Long Distance Bus (Ktel Bus from Athens to Karpenissi): 210.8315991

Taxis: 22100

Hospital: 80680

Pharmacies: 80380

Police: 89150


The prefectures capital, on the slopes of Mt. Timfristos is well suited for summer and winter holidays. The area is known for its hand-woven fabrics and carved wooden items, local delicacies include sausages and feta cheese roasted in wax paper, all can be purchased in the local shops.

Perhaps, the reason why Karpenissi still retains its untouched beauty to this day is due to the tiresome [because of the continuous road turns] approach to the Tymfristou mountain range.

Actually, the landscape does remain unchanged, without having been influenced by major tourist development, while the minor interventions by the new hotels and the renovations of traditional mansions blend harmoniously with the environment, creating images of unimaginable beauty.

Church in Karpenisi

Karpenissi, capital of Evritania County, is located at an altitude of 960 m above sea level, at the foot of Tymfristou mountain range, [otherwise known as Velouchi].

Main Square of Karpenisi Town

The alpine landscapes of Karpenissi, and the untamed beauty of the surrounding area, in combination with the rich history of Evritania, make excursions to the surrounding villages a necessity.


In the village the Greek tourist agency has renovated several stone mansions, and turned them into guest houses. From here you can take trips around the area, visiting the villages of Mikrio Horio, Megalo Horio and Klidi all set in lovely nature.

The Monastery of the Virgin Proussiotissa

In August the monastery becomes filled with pilgrims, the monastery has many fine icons one especially is reputed to work miracles.


A charming village has a cave “the black cave”, which according was the site of an oracle. From here you can drive through several villages to Agrafa, here you can fish for trout. At Kremaston is Greece ’s largest artificial lake .In the winter most of these villages are “covered” in snow.

Skiing and mountain climbing

Local ski schools will help you to discover the area.

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