Ikaria Island

After legend, the island took the name Ikaria after Dionysos, the god of wine who is supposed to have been born here. The island did have a thriving wine industry but due to the outbreak of phylloxera (a plant louse that affects vines) in the 1960s, the wine industry fell into decline. The island is also known as, “ Radium Island ” due to the radioactive springs, which have therapeutic qualities. Mass tourism has not touched Ikaria , thus leaving the beaches and countryside practically unspoiled.

Agio Kirykos

The capital and main port that is normally quiet. With its small streets in which to wander around in and some good restaurants where one can taste the local delicacies and the radioactive springs in the town, where one can take a dip (for a fee) are reputed to cure nearly all known ailments! North of the town is the spa resort of Therma, which attracts many visitors. There is a small Archaeological Museum in the town, with artefacts from the region. The journey towards the north coast, passes through several small villages, the views along the journey are spectacular.


The second port of the Ikaria , this peaceful fishing village with its quaint houses, is so laid back the highlight of the day is when the ferries come in.

Armenistis, lies to the west of Evdilos and is the islands principal resort. With excellent beaches and good touring country it is ideal for walkers.

Hristos Rahes

Started the fashion of night shopping (which many of the supermarkets in Europe have followed!) they stay open until 3am. In addition, has become a tourist attraction, it is said it started in days gone by to protect this mountain village from pirates. The houses are built with no windows or chimneys, and hidden behind high walls this was to disguise them from pirates on raiding missions.

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