Kythnos like Kea attracts little foreign tourists, but is popular with Greek tourists and private boats with partying passengers onboard. The islander’s main occupations are fishing, farming, pottery and basket weaving. The island has radioactive springs reputed to have curative powers.

Chora (Kythnos) the islands capital is agreeable but lacks the charisma of other island capitals. Two churches in the town worth visiting are the church of Agios Savvas and Agia Triada.

Dryopida the former capital of the island is a one-hour walk from Chora down the cobbled way that offers good views over the area. The village was once a centre for the ceramics industry, but today there is very few potteries remaining.

Kanala the resort has a good beach with views to the neighbouring islands. The church of Panagia Kanala , dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the islands patron saint.

Loutra on the northeast coast is famous for it thermal springs, which cure ailments such as gout to acne.

Decent beaches are near the villages of, Merihas, Esiskopi and Apokrousi.

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