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Thousands of pet owners are in dilemma when considering going on holidays with their pets. Our readers are constantly asking questions about this issue. Either they wish to go on holidays with their pets or they don’t want to leave behind their beloved animal while they are away.

An alternative option for this matter is the pet cottage. The cost to accommodate your pet in an animal’s shelter in Greece is quite reasonable varying from 12 – 20 euros per day. The facilities provided by these shelters, the pet-care as well as the living standards are usually quite good.
But, what is the case when someone wants to go on holiday with his pet? Where he can go and how pet animals have to be moved by public means of transportation? Will the hotel be pet friendly? What are the procedures for pet movement from abroad?

As far as the Greek legislation is concerned, pet owners must use a dependable tie-out to assure the pet’s safety when outside. Moreover, owners are responsible for pets’ mess and when dangerous you need to put a muzzle on your pet.

When traveling with your pet in Greece it is important to know that they are not allowed in the passengers’ cabins on a ship. Passenger ships over 25 meters in length must provide specially designed areas for pets travelling with their owners. These areas must have one animal cage for every 200 passengers. However there is a loophole in the law which excludes small pets. Moreover, disabled passengers, accompanied by specially- trained pets, must have the appropriate, valid paperwork / certificate which permits the animal to remain with the owner throughout the ship.

Our small friends can travel by air too since most airlines allow pets as passengers. Pets weighting less than 8 kgr., being on a special pet-cage and accompanied by their pet passport while checking in, can travel with pet owners. Of course you have to inform the airliner first and must have paid the relevant fees. Pets weighting over 8 kgr can travel in the airplane’s luggage area if the above constraints are met. However, it is important when traveling abroad to request more information from the airline company you are flying with, since different rules apply to different types of airplanes.

Reaching your destination, you must take into account that the relevant law in Greece –not followed by hotel owners in some cases- does not allow pets to stay in rooms –not even in the same room with his owner-. In case of customer complaints regarding your pet, it should be toddled off immediately unless the hotel offers special pet place to accommodate your pet.

On the beach, your pet can freely enjoy the sun and sea provided it is tied out without disturbing other bathers. Animal pets are only prohibited at organized beaches (those beaches that you have to pay ticket to enter). With this article, we have tried to give you an idea of the rules and regulations which must be followed by the pet owners while holidaying in Greece.

I strongly believe that such problems should not deter you from going on holiday with your beloved pet. Find a pet-friendly hotel in the area you are looking for, organise your plans, book your tickets and get ready to enjoy your holiday. Although vacation with a companion animal brings a little extra work and some level of discomfort, it is one of the most rewarding experiences any pet owner can have in his life! Take your pet with you and enjoy your holiday!

For more information regarding pet animal movement:
Directorate for Animal Health:

Marios Fotinopoulos,tel: (0030)210-2125713

Mary Gianniou, tel:(0030)210-2125714

Fax: 210-8252673

e-mail: ka6u026[AT]

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