Where to Ski & Snowboard in Greece

Who would have ever imagined that skiing or snowboarding in Greece is quite common activity during winter season?

Although Greece is considered to be a summer destination with sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, its mountainous profile hides a number of ski resorts that attract thousands of skiers during winter. Greece’s slopes offer good amenities, both on the slopes and off. Although they are not as posh as their northern counterparts, they don’t approach them in steep prices either.

While on winter vacations in Greece you can combine high mountain skiing (over 2.000 meters – 6.500 ft.) with ancient historical sights nearby, sunny weather and last but not least you won’t loose visual contact with the sea! This combination is unique the world over.

Most Greece’s ski centers are in less than an hour drive distance to the sea. For example, Pelion Ski Center that offers panoramic view to the sea is less than an hour drive from the picturesque beach of Mylopotamos. On the other hand, kalvaryta ski center in the Peloponnese is half our drive from Logos in Aegialia and Xylokastro with their beautiful beaches, just an hour drive from Patras.

Those who will get the opportunity to visit Greece, not for summer but for winter holidays, will get the chance to enjoy the most beautiful and unspoilt part of the country, which is the mountainous Greece. Its traditional villages attract thousands of visitors every weekend, usually the experienced travelers looking for off the beaten path destinations.

Greece has 21 ski centers ranging geographically from Northern Greece to the Peloponnese. In general, ski centers in Greece have their base camps at altitudes of approximately 1500m., their summits range between 2.200m. and 2.500m. The slopes range from very steep to flat slopes. All ski centers offer variety from black diamonds pistes to green squares. Don’t expect to find in Greece very long pistes but it sure they will offer you a unique experience by skiing in the land of Greek gods.

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