This island of only 62 square kilometres, is probably the most eco-friendly and cleanest of the Greek island. The sea round Alonissos has been declared as a ” Marine Conservation Park ” The main occupation is fishing and farming. In the 1950s the wine industry on the island came to a sudden stop when the vines were infected. In 1965, the island was rocked by a earthquake and the old town was destroyed


This village has few of the charms of a typical Greek village, but this is due to the earthquake and the residents from the old town were housed in hastily built buildings. Still it has a friendly atmosphere. The Museum of Alonnisos , houses items collected by a local family among them are old furnishings and antique maps.


Hrysi Millia beach, is probably the best beach on the island and is safe for children, other beaches are to be found among them are Kalamakia, Agios Dimitrios, and Steni Vala. Around the island are eight small uninhabited islets, Piperi is a nature reserve and it is forbidden to go set foot on the islet. Kyra Panagia has a couple of good beaches and deserted monasteries, Lehousa has many stalactite filled caves and Dio Adelphi which is two small islets on which local fishermen refuse to go in land here, because of vipers.

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