The prefecture of Kastoria, in the western part of Macedonia covers an area of 1.720 square kilometres and is one of the smallest prefectures in the region, and borders onto the Florina and Konzani prefectures. Albania is on its western border. The prefecture is mountainous and beautiful, with many villages with superb views. The region is famous for its furs and weaving as well as its hospitality.

Prefecture Capital

Kastoria: the capital of the prefecture and is regarded by the Greeks as one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Situated on the shores of Lake Orestiada surrounded by mountains, it lives up to its reputation. The town renowned for its fur trade, with many Jewish refugees escaping from persecution in Europe settled here and built up the trade.

The towns 17 th and 18 th century mansions were home to the town leading citizens. Intricate woodcarvings and wall paintings adorn the interior of the mansions. Around the lake, there are many fine restaurants and tavernas in which to sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of this charming town.

Sights of Interest in the City

The Folklore Museum: this 530-year-old mansion with its extravagant furniture and other items shows the wealth of the former trader who once lived here.

The Byzantine Churches: of which there over 70, built between the 9 th and the 19 th century. Most of them have frescos of exceptional quality adorning their walls.

Towns and Villages

Argos Orestiko: is 10km from Kastoria, and is a centre for the textile and fur trade of the region.

Around the prefecture are many charming villages, along the lakeside are small settlements many who have a taverna or two where one can taste freshly cooked fish caught in Lake Kastorios.



Rowing and sailing on the lake are a popular pastime for the residents of the town, the yacht club in the town is helpful to those wishing to sail.

Mountain climbing and trekking in Mts. Gramos and Vitsi are also popular activities.


Furs and textiles are the most popular items bought by the visitor.


Air: Olympic Airways have regular flight to the city.

Bus: regular bus services run from Athens and Thessaloniki to the city.

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