Nisyros is not on the main tourist agenda as it has little to offer the package tourist, but day-trippers come to see and go down into the volcano during the evening the island returns to a peaceful haven. Nisyros is the only Greek island with a volcano. The island is lush and green with olive groves and fig trees growing in the volcanic soil. The island is quaint it its own way. According to legend, Poseidon, who in anger threw a chunk of Kos at the warring giant Polybetes who was pinned under the rock that is now the island of Nisyros . The island mow has a flourishing industry in pumice stones.

Mandraki is the main port and town on the island. Narrow streets lined with houses with multi-coloured balconies hanging with tomatoes drying in the sun. On the waterfront are tavernas and ticket offices and buses shuttling visitors to and from the volcano. The major attractions in Mandraki, is the monastery of Panagia Spillianis and the 14 th century Kastro, home to the knights of St. John . The monastery inside the Kastro has a finely carved iconostasis with an icon of the Virgin and Child covered in gold and silver offerings. The Historical and Folk Museum has on display a reconstructed traditional island kitchen, amongst other items of local life. From Mandraki you can take boat trips to the islets of Gyali and Agios Antonios, both have fine beaches.

Palaiokastro this 2,600-year-old acropolis of ancient Nisyros, the ruins show massive walls made from huge blocks carved from the volcanic rock. The village of Nikia is on the rim of the volcano worth a visit, it has a nice mosaic in the village square.

Paloi is a charming village with some nice tavernas and dark volcanic beaches.

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