Greek Mussels Recepie

As a sea food, mussels are full of nutritional ingredients, they contain plenty of minerals and vitamins, they are very tasty and above all they are thought to be strong aphrodesiacs. Bear in mind though that they must be very clean, otherwise they are very dangerous to consume. Here is a typical Greek mussel dish.


Ingredients: 1 1/2 Kilo (3.3 pounds) of large mussels – 1 cup of olive oil – 2 cups of rice – 5 cups of julienne onion – 1/2 cup of pine seeds – 1 bundle of julienne anise – 1/2 bundle of julienne parsley – some black raisings – salt & pepper – lemon juice.

Cooking: Brown the onions in 1 cup of oil. Add 2 cups of water, salt & pepper, anise and parsley, rice (wet and strained) and raisings, and finally the pine seeds. Then, stir the mixture until it starts boiling. Put the lid on and let it boil slowly until its liquids are absorbed. Then, put it in a cooking bowl to cool a bit. After that, wash and brush the mussels well, sp that all hairs are removed, open them without seperating the two shells, and fill them one by one with the filling.

Then , lay them in raws in a large casserole and cover them all in water. After that, put a dish on them to hold them while boiling, add some salt & pepper and some lemon juice and let them boil slowly with the lid on, until they absorb all the water.

Serve them cold together with a season salad.


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