Mountains, valleys, ski resorts and forests side by side with fertile land growing mainly tobacco, the Prefecture of drama lives up to its name, this spectacular nature covering 3,468 sq.km is dramatic.

Drama, the prefectural capital lies on the foothills of Mt. Falakro, also known as the “mountain of flowers”. The soil around here is very fertile and they grow a wide range of crops, among them tobacco. Mt. Falakro has some very good ski slopes, and excellent mountain climbing routes.

Elatia, this forested area is a delight to walk through, pine trees, oaks and willows grow profusely and the red fir tree which grows to 50m is a rarity in Greece.

Doxato, this lively village is a likable place and is popular with tourists, nearby is the Bounar-Bassi spring, set among woods and streams it is enchanting. The whole area is friendly and a delight for the tourist.

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