With both coastline and mountains covering 5,461 square kilometres, this region has much to offer in history and natural beauty.


Under the War of Independence 2,000 inhabitants, vastly outnumbered by Turkish-Egyptian troops tried to escape the beleaguered city to safety, many perished in the attempt. At the monastery of Agios Simeon the survivors were given shelter and were saved. And every year the city celebrates this heroic attempt. The city is built around three lagoons, in the city you can see the Exodus gate and the Garden of Heroes .


A small town overlooking the Astakos Bay , a summer resort with long unspoilt beaches with white sand.


Another small village where you can take a boat to the islands of Kalamos and Kastos, where you can sunbathe on good beaches-


This was the site of a great naval battle. Here lies the “Cleopatra Channel” this is the fleet of the Queen of Egypt anchored up before going into battle, which they lost.


An important tobacco producing area, the town is popular with tourists. Good views can be had from the grove of Agios Christoforus.


This region was famous for a sea battle in 1571. This market town has a fine Ventian castle, a citadel that has been well preserved and is one of the best in Greece .

Other villages worth stopping for and looking around are Angelokastro with its 17 th century monastery of the Pantocrator, Melagia Hora with its fortress and Klissoura Gorge.

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