The prefecture of Kozani covers an area of 3,516 square kilometres. Many of the towns in the region have retained their traditional architecture. The region is not on the main tourist route and this is a pity, for it has a lot to offer the tourist seeking an alternative to the more hectic tourist destinations.

Kozani : is the capital of the prefecture, it is the commercial and industry centre of the region. Kozani has many interesting churches with some very fine icon screens. The 19 th century mansions houses have retained some of their former glory.

Sights of Interest in the City

Kouventarios Municipal Library: is the pride of the city, it contains thousands of rare books and manuscripts and is the second most important library after the National Library in Athens.

Kozani Archaeological Museum : has on display artefacts from the region.

Kozani Historical and Folklore Museum: has displays reflecting the cultural history of the region.

Analipsi Monastery: to the north of the town, the nuns there have won acclaim for their hand-woven rugs, and embroideries.

Towns and Villages

Siatista: on the slopes of Mt. Siniatsikos was a centre for the fur trade in the 18 th and 19 th century. The town grew prosperous and today the buildings from that time reflect that wealth. The interiors of the houses have richly carved wooden ceilings and stained glass windows.

Siatista Paleontological Museum : has on display remains and artefacts from around the area.

Velvendos: this charming market town with trees and orchards surrounding it has also retained many of its old mansions. Architects design many of the newer buildings in the traditional manner to retain the harmony of the town.

Perdikas: near the town of Ptolemaida, here archaeologists discovered bones from a prehistoric elephant, which once roamed the region; the bones approx. are three thousand years old, and are one of the oldest specimens of its kind found in Europe.

Servia: this village with its Byzantine fortress stands sentinel over the pass that leads into the region of Thessaly. Several Byzantine churches are also in the district, many of them adorned with fine frescos. The bridge here with a span of 1372m is the longest in Greece.

Akrini: here is the Skotino Cave (“dark cave”), with its stalagmites and stalactites.

Many other villages in the region have examples of traditional architecture that can be admired, for example the villages of, Pentalofos, Vlasti and Tsotili with its picturesque bridge.


Sports: Excellent fishing is to be enjoyed on Lake Aliakmon, the region is also ideal for walkers who wish to explore the district on their own or with friends.

Shopping: hand woven fabrics and furs are on sale in the region.


Air: Olympic Airways offerregular flights from Athens to Kozani Airport.

Train: regular services run between Athens and Thessaloniki.

Bus: bus services from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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