Preveza prefecture is the smallest in the Epirus region with area of 1,036 Sq.kms. the area combines mountains, wetlands, and wonderful beaches. The region offers something different for the adventurous tourist.

Preveza City

The capital of the region stands on the shores of the Ambracian Gulf , with its old Venetian Castle and surrounded by olive groves, it is a charming and peaceful town. Though it offers good entertainment, good food and combined with the natural beauty of the district.


This small resort surrounded by wooded hills and with plenty of coves to explore, beaches on which to sunbathe on make Parga a popular summer destination, The Castle and the Agia Apostle church are worth having a look at.


This ancient city was founded by the Ronan Emperor Augustus in the 1 st century BC. The site had many impressive buildings among them a Theatre, Baths, Odeum, Gymnasium and an Aqueduct. The museum here has many excellent finds from this ancient city. The Odeum has been restored and during the summer months, cultural events are held here.

The Necromanteion of Ephyra (Oracle of the Dead)

The ruins of this site of the Oracle, is 53 km. northwest of the town, near the village of Messopotamo . The mystery of this revered place was heightened in ancient times, when they thought that the caves and grottos were the gateways to Hades. Excavations have revealed a labyrinthine structure with rooms, corridors and a sanctuary.


This is one of the best preserved ancient cities in Greece . Kassopi is 20 km. north of the Town. Recent excavations have revealed that the site has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The site was the settlement of the Kossopaii, a Thesprotian clan in 400 BC. On the hill of Zalongo to the east of the site, stands a statue in memory to the heroic women of Souli, who in December 1802 danced over the edge of the cliff to their deaths, rather than be taken prisoners of the invading Turks. The statue of the dancing women was erected in 1954.

The Amvrakian Wetlands

Protected by international conventions, the deltas of Louros and Arahthos rivers in the Amvrakian Gulf provide conditions for a diverse ecosystem for plants and wildlife, which include many endangered species.

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