The Sunset in Greece

Greece is the country of sun. Here, the sun shines with more warmth and for more days in the year than in all of the other countries in Europe.

The spectacle of its setting in the Greek sky is of exceptional beauty and remains an unforgettable experience for whoever has had the pleasure to enjoy it. Undoubtedly, the sunset comprises a significant component of the magic of summer, and there are many places where, in combination with the elements of the environment, it develops into an attraction itself.


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Famous Sunsets of Greece


  1. The Sunset at Sounion: The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion consists of an idyllic setting for someone to enjoy the sunset in Athens. Along the coastal road and perched high on a hill, the temple has been standing there for thousands of years now. The setting of the sun, with a backdrop of the ancient monument, the white of the marble in combination with the colors of the sky and the sea are the most beautiful images one can derive from their journey.
  2. The Sunset at Lycabettus Hill: On Lycabettus Hill, one sees the city as if extending to his feet. The moment that the day succumbs to the night in the modern façade of Athens, with its modern buildings and its historical frontage with the Acropolis and Plaka, depicts it as the ideal spot to take photographs of the capital in all its colors.
  3. The Sunset at Oia and Imerovigli, Santorini: One of the most famous sunsets in the world, is what one has the pleasure of experiencing in Oia, or at the next village, Imerovigli. Thousands of tourists inundate the island during the summer months, and during some afternoon, all eventually end up at the beautiful village of Oia to see the sun set over the small whitewashed dwellings built on the edge cliff, and the nearby small islands which have emerged as a consequence of the volcanic explosion. The spectacle surely makes the effort, worth it.

  4. Sunset at Portes, Paros: The tourists, who find themselves at Parikia in Paros, in the afternoon, directing their glance towards the sea, will live the most unique experience of the setting of the sun, through the Portes. These comprise of two rocky outcrops which protrude from the sea in the shape of two gateways, and welcome the tourists a little before the entrance to the harbor.
    The places where one can enjoy the spectacle are many. Either from the port, or along the beach in one of the many cafeterias, or from the settlement at Kriou, or from an altitude, at the chapel of Agia Anna, the experience will be truly memorable.
  5. Sunset at the Temple of Poseidon in Naxos: A stroll through the town of Chora in Naxos will undoubtedly end up at the cape, where the ancient ruins of the Temple of Poseidon are located. The gateway of the temple surfaces amongst the ruins, which to the locals is renowned with the name “Portara,” because of its incredible dimensions. The pilgrims to this sacred location have the unique opportunity to admire the sun as it sinks into the sea through the famous Portara, and to experience this truly wonderful moment.
  6. Sunset at Delos: The sacred island of Delos once comprised of the religious centre of the Cyclades, the mythical birthplace of Apollo. Today, it is an archaeological paradise which gives the visitor the opportunity to travel to other eras. The site is not open to the tourists for all hours in the day, and for this reason, the spectacle of the setting of the sun there is a rare phenomenon. In August, and to coincide with the full moon, many events take place until late, and it is then only, when one is able to enjoy the sunset, of which its colors are exceptional, as the rays of the sun reflect only the white of the marble.
  7. Sunset at Panagia, in Folegandros: A few minutes away from Chora in Folegandros, a cobblestone pathway leads to the top of the mountain and to the church of Panagia. The island stretches out in front of the traveler’s feet; the little houses of Chora, located on the cliff edge, the beautiful beaches, the view of the mountains from the nearby islands in the horizon, and the crowning of it all, the sunset.
  8. Sunset at Episkopi in Sikinos: Situated about 1 km approximately from Chora is the Moni Episkopi, where the church of Koimisis tis Theotokou is built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo. A pathway with a slight ascent leads the traveler to the top of the side of the mountain to admire the vision of a rare monument bathed in the colors of the sunset.
  9. Sunset at Panagia Kalamiotissa church, in Anafi: Built on the top of the mountain Kalamos is the church of Panagia of Kalamiotissas. The view definitely compensates one for the uphill climb. The deep blue waters of the Aegean and the mountain peaks of the nearby islands encompass an exceptional blend with the sunset.
  10. Sunset at Myrina, Lemnos: In the capital of Lemnos, Myrina, one can admire a stunning sunset. When weather permits it, in combination with the setting of the sun in the horizon, one sees the outline of Mount Athos at Agios Oros.
    From the arrow slit embrasures of the Enetian Castle to the cafes and the beach of Romaeikos Gialos, the choices for one to position their camera and to immortalize the moment are numerous.
  11. Sunset at Falarsana, Crete: In close proximity to the city of Chania, the beach at Falarsana is renowned for the most beautiful sunset in all of Crete. Its location embraces a rich history, as it comprised of a significant harbor during the Minoan civilization. One can swim in the deep blue waters, lie on the long stretch of sandy beach, and marvel at the spectacular sunset.
  12. Sunset at Kipouria, Kefalonia: At the location of Kipouria in Kefalonia, approximately 8 kms from Lixouri, as if mounted on top of the edge of the cliff, is the monastery located, where some important relics are safeguarded. The true treasure however, is found in the view from the natural window to the Ionian Sea., in the beauty of the landscape, immersed in the colors of the sunset.

For those who assert that the sunset is the same everywhere, it is almost certain that they have never traveled to Greece. The sunset of Greece is a mystery, a ritual which enchants all who find themselves in the right time, at the idyllic location, to enjoy it. In combination with each location, the setting of the sun composes unique images which take captive those who watch it, and stimulates their senses and emotions.

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