Outdoor Pursuits for the Adventurer Traveler

Greece offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, from trekking to skiing. Many of these activities are organised tours with qualified leaders, with food and accommodation included in the price. If you prefer a less structured holiday, with careful planning you can enjoy the Greek countryside together with your friends. Many travel companies will arrange bookings, or you can go onto the internet and plan your own holiday.

Archaeological Tours : the archaeological sites of Greece offer an absorbing and unforgettable holiday for those interested in the history of Greece . There is an extensive choice of itineraries and destinations to choose from, all tours are with an experienced archaeologist. The tours all so include trips to monasteries and other buildings of interest along the chosen route.

Trekking: The terrain of Greece is ideal for trekking holidays, though some of the paths are not as clearly marked, as one would like, it is still easy to find your way around. Organised tours can vary from a weekend to a weeklong expedition around the mountains. Central Greece and the Peloponnese regions are popular trekking destinations, but tours to more remote regions can be organised. More information is available on the internet. www.trekking.gr

Sailing: the clear waters of the Mediterranean and the islands of Greece attract sailors from around the world. If you are not fortunate to own your own boat, you can hire boats in Greece . Boats can be charted with or without crews, boat companies require that at least two people have a basic skippers licence and are experienced in sailing if they charter a boat without crew. Charter tours with a crew vary from the basic to the luxurious; more information on chartering is obtainable on the internet. www.yachting.gr

Diving: All diving in Greece is strictly controlled by law, diving must be organised through a diving school, this is to protect the archaeological sites and artefacts, and removal of any objects from the sea floor is a serious crime. There are a number of diving schools around the mainland and the islands where experienced and novices divers can enjoy the pleasures of the under water life of the Aegean . Snorkelling can be enjoyed almost anywhere, even so the rule is look do not touch.

Water sports: are very popular in Greece, many of the resorts have one if not more companies where one can rent equipment and if needed training is offered. White water rafting and kayaking is becoming popular in some regions of mainland Greece . Useful addresses are, Windsurfing, [email protected] Rafting, www.trekking.gr

Skiing: though one does not think of Greece as a skiing nation, there are a number of ski centres in Greece . Though not as “chic” as the main ski resorts of Europe , they offer a cheaper skiing holiday. Most of the centres are to the north of Athens and used mainly by the people from the city. For more information about skiing in Greece contact; [email protected]

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