The island of Evia ( Euboea ) is 180 km. long and has an area of 4,167 sq. km. the island is mountainous with small fertile plains.

Evia is a popular destination for mainland Greeks, as it is only 88km. from Athens . A bridge connects the mainland to the island over the Evripous Channel where the current changes direction about every 6 hours!! Along the west coast there are a number of quiet beaches, small resorts.

The east coast is more rugged. On the mainland over the bridge there are the regions of Vathi, Faros, and Aviltha. These regions though on the mainland come under the administration of Evia as does the island of Skyros , (part of the Northern Sporades islands). The region is rich culture, ruins and churches. Good beaches, tavernas serving local seafood and entertainment make the area popular with tourists.

Evia island is one of the most well known historic islands in Greece and the country’s second biggest island; It spreads along the northeastern coast of Greece mainland. The gulf of Evia separates the Greek mainland from the island of Evia and eastward meets with the Eagian sea. This together with the island of Skyros, part of Viotia (opposite Chalkida) and a few rock islands constitutes the Prefecture of Evia.

On the charismatic island of Evia one can find a variety of landscapes. In the north one can enjoy mountains with lush vegetation and secluded beaches while moving towards the south of the island the scenery becomes more dry and rocky, similar to the Cycladic island scenery/setting.

Evia island is a popular holiday destination for Greeks of all ages. In the winter Evia becomes a weekend ‘getaway’ frequented by a multitude of visitors. During the summer, Evia offers ideal holiday solutions especially for families with children.
Hourly ferry connections provide easy access to and from the island, from Greece`s mainland (e.g. Eretria, Arkitsa, Glyfa and Chalkida) but also to other islands of the Sporades group, such as Skyros. A well designed road network makes travelling by car safe and easy, especially when travelling with children and elderly family memebers.

The island of Evia has plenty of picturesque villages for those seeking quiet holiday retreats (e.g. Aghia Anna, Limni, Rovies) stunning beaches like Chiliadou, the famous hot springs at Aidipsos, and towns with vibrant night life, as well as many historic places and museums to visit. The island is rich in exquisit culinary hotspots, ready to cater for the most demanding palate. Surely an island with a grand variety of choices!

Chalkida, Evia’s capital is connected to the Greek mainland by the famous bridge of Evripus. In Chalkida, at the channel of Evripos one can witness a most rare tidal phenomenon, the sea currents changing every 6 hours at a velocity of 5-6 miles/hour.

Other important towns include Aidipsos with its famous hot springs, Istiaia a good shopping centre, Eretria the historic settlement and port connecting the island with Attica through Oropos, the picturesque port of Kimi point of departure to more Aegien islands and Karystos the famous marble production area one should not miss visiting.

Northern Evia

Northern Evia is a small paradise which wonderfully combines the greenery of the mountain with the blue of the sea. Its many and picturesque villages one encounters, are enchanting and prove idyllic destinations for relaxing holidays, amongst nature.

Agia Anna, with its beautiful and tranquil beach, the wonderful gulf of Limni, the picturesque village Vasilika, Orei with its renowned “ouzeri”, the lush green village Pefki, the serene village Ilia, Agios Georgios, Gialtra, and the leading attraction Edipsos, are just some of the many captivating places ones encounters in northern Evia.

The beauty of the mountain does not leave anyone unemotional. In this way, although being on an island, you must not miss out on becoming acquainted with the rare beauty and the rich flora and fauna mountains of N. Evia [whilst enjoying the journey through the mountains, make a stop at one of the quite picturesque family taverns, which you will discover in the midst of no-where, whilst heading in the direction towards Edipsos.

There, the spaghetti with local village cheese and the tomato sauce, assures you that you indeed find yourself in the village!].The road network is sufficient enough, even through the roads are relatively narrow at some points.

The northern part of the island is a treasure, with many natural monuments, such as Lichada, the hot mineral springs at Edipsos, the marine reserves, the waterfalls at Drymona, and the petrified forest [fossilized] Kerasias…


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