Central Greece

Viotia, Evoia, Evritania, Fthiotida, Fokida and Attica (Attica has been informally excluded from this region at IGOGREECE) comprise the geographic region of Mainland Greece (Sterea Ellada). In the past this region was called Roumeli, a name that comes from ‘Roum-Ili’ which means the country of Greeks. The entire area is well worth exploring for people on Greece holidays as it has beautiful topography and many historic sights which are of particular interest.

Mainland Greece was named after the Ottoman occupation in order to be distinguished from the Epirotic region of the newly established country, as well as, the Peloponnesus region and the Cyclades.

Perhaps, Mainland Greece is the most beautiful region of the country with exhilarating diversity in its landscape and areas of astonishing beauty. Mainland Greece has played a crucial role in the Greece’s history, while its hidden treasures are many and inestimable

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