In ancient times Viotia was named “tristhallatto”(three-seas), because the waters of the Corinthian Gulf and the two halves of the Gulf of Euboea wash upon its shores. With an area of 2.952 square kilometres, the climate is typical Mediterranean , apart from the fertile plains, the countryside is sparse.


The capital of the prefecture lying between two hills, on top of one of the hills stands a well preserved 14 th century castle. The town is said be the site of the famous Oracle of Zeus Trofonios. The town celebrates Easter with gusto, when the town becomes an open air barbecue, roasting lambs on spits and delicious kebabs made from the innards, washed down with the local wine. Folk dancers and musicians take to the streets, and the party continues very late into the night.


Thebes was the birthplace of Hercules, renowned for his trials, also linked to the town is Oedipus, one of the most tragic figures in Greek mythology. This once powerful city-state has few remains of its once glorious past. The Archaeological Museum has some impressive artefacts from the city-states past. Other sights to see are the Fountain of Dirki, the Byzantine church. The ruins of the old city and palace lie on the hill outside the town. A celebration known as “Vlach,s wedding” is held every year on Ash Monday the first day of Lent. The wedding parade with its colourful costumes, with musicians playing bagpipes and tabors is quite unique.

Around Thebes there are numerous villages to visit for ex; Tanagra known for its terracotta figures, Lefktra, Vathi Avlidas, Faros and Dilessi.


This mountain hamlet famous, for its wine making and weaving lies at the foot of Mount Parnassos . There are many tavernas, offering good food, on the 23 rd April (St, Georges Day) a three day feast starts, competitions and good food are just a part of the celebrations. The area is also popular during the winter season, due to the proximity of the ski centres.


The Byzantine monastery of Ossios Loukas has some very fine examples of mosaics and frescoes, reckoned to be among the finest in Greece .


There a good beaches to found in the prefecture, Distomo Beach , Sarandi Beach , Agios Issidoros plus others.

Skiing and Mountaineering

The ski centre at Parnassos (27 km. from Arahova, several ski clubs in the town), has runs for both experienced and beginners. Mountaineers should also contact the various clubs in the town

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