Thesprotia prefecture with an area of 1,515 Sq.kms. is a very popular tourist destination, offers excellent beaches, charming villages and other amenities for the sun loving tourist. Archaeological site in the district offer an insight into life of a time gone by, the site of ancient Titani requires special permission to enter from the Archaeological Service.


The main town and port of the district, it is one of the main gateways to northern Greece . A reasonable short ferry ride away is the island of Corfu , ferries dock here from Italy . The town with marvellous beaches at Drepano and Makrigiali attract many visitors.


With its steep lanes that are pictorial, old mansions and a ruined fortress make the village a good place to walk around.


North of the district capital is this lovely market town, with many old houses and public buildings further up the hill, is the small delightful village of Plession .

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