Shopping Markets of Athens

As a major city, Athens does not only have one main shopping area, but many and diverse ones. Most of them cater to all tastes and prices range on all levels. There are also however, some elite shopping areas, not accessible to all budgets.


Shopping markets near Syndagma [Centre, Plaka]

The area surrounding the centre of Athens is mostly favored by shoppers. The streets are always overflowing with tourists and visitors. The shops cater to all needs and incomes.


This area is the centre for prominent designer jewelry and clothes labels, renowned record outlets and bookstores as well as popular shopping malls which house a variety of retailer clothes, cosmetics, and footwear and accessory shops etc.,

Ermou Street is the most celebrated shopping street, aligned with not only a wide variety of street-leveled shops, but also upper-leveled stores. Particularly, the narrow pathways of Plaka are ideal for the tourists who are in pursuit of souvenirs and gifts.

Monastiraki shopping market

The marketplace at Monasteraki is the most unique in entire the Attica region. The atmosphere within, is reminiscent of the outdoor markets of the middle Ages, with its roaming merchants and small item shops. One may find here almost everything.

It comprises of a marketplace where all may be bought and sold, from small trivial items and souvenirs, jewelry, old magazines and records, to lightings, antiques and furniture. Here, modern and classical unite, second hand and new. Prices are usually quite low, although can increase, according to the product.
Bargaining is acceptable.

Kolonaki Shopping area

Kolonaki is a classical suburb of Athens, which in the past has been home to the elite and upper class society of Athens. Despite the fact that this in not entirely applicable today, as the affluent now choose to reside in the northern suburbs of the Athenian plateau., Kolonaki has been embedded in the perception of the Greeks with a cosmopolitan style of living and with extravagant prices. Here one may find the most famous designer labels associated with clothes, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry as well as home design products.

Northern Suburbs Shopping areas [Halandri, Kifissia, Psyhiko]

The shopping areas located in the northern suburbs of the Athenian plain are quite similar to those of Kolonaki. They are targeted mainly to customers comprising the higher wage bracket category. Here, leading designer stores for fashion, designer jewelry labels, and interior design stores are gathered.

Nea Smyrni and Kalithea Shopping areas

The shopping area of Nea Smyrni is concentrated mainly in the streets surrounding the main square. The most renowned streets are Omirou street, the pathway of May 2nd street and El. Venizelou Ave. Here one may find a large variety of clothes, footwear and accessory shops as well as gift stores, home stores, bookshops, jewelry stores, record shops etc. Prices are quite moderate, and accessible. In comparison to men, women customers are more advantaged financially here, in relation to the choice of products and bargains available. There are also some designer stores located here, although marketed for the majority.
Kalithea’s shopping area is also as varied, abundant and moderately priced as N. Smyrni’s. It is reputable for its varied selection of footwear and bag stores. The main shopping area is located on Theseus and Davaki streets. A stroll through the surrounding streets however may prove fruitful, as there are bargains to be found. The fact that there are no pavements to facilitate the associated traffic congestion makes it all the more difficult for the shopper to stroll through the streets with ease.

Piraeus Shopping areas

Also classified a good shopping market with a reasonable and accessible price range, is the shopping area of Piraeus. Most of the shops are accumulated on Sotiros street [pavement], behind the town hall. Every Sunday, an outdoor bazaar is held along the HSAP train lines. Here, it is possible to find almost anything, and prices vary according to the product and its quality.

Shopping areas along main Athenian avenues.

Some main avenues within Athens, as for example, 28th October and Vouliagmeni Avenues, are developing into flourishing shopping markets with all types of shops and stores. Price ranges are generally considered reasonable, and there is a wide variety of prices. However, as these shops are located on densely congested bustling avenues, the consumer is subject to traffic congestion, pollution and the related difficulties associated with mobility.

General Information

  1. Retail shopping hours are from 09.00 am – 14.00 h Mondays- Wednesdays, 09.00am-13.30 h and 17.30 – 20.30h Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 09.00am – 15.30h on Saturdays.
  2. Off Sales are organized only twice a year
  3. During Christmas and Easter seasons, the holiday operating hours take effect, which are continuous with no afternoon or weekend breaks.
  4. Foreign tourists are subject to the same Tax exemptions applicable to other countries – purchase receipts are to be presented at the airport customs department, in order to receive the tax refund.
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