Serres is a prefecture covers an area of 3,968 with exceptional natural beauty, archaeological sites and impressive historical monuments. The prefecture of Serres is a part of the geographical district of Eastern Macedonia, and it borders with Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. The region is ideal for holiday’s summer and winter, with mountain climbing, fishing and skiing as well exploring the countryside.

Prefecture Capital

Serres: the capital of the prefecture is a thriving commercial and agricultural town. Broad streets and open squares blend the old and new towns together.

Places of Interest in the City: the Byzantine City Walls, Church of Agios Nikolas with its beautiful mosaics from the 14 th century and the Cathedral Agio Theodoroi. Twelve kilometres from the town is the monastery of Timios Prodromos, with frescos from various times in its past.

Towns and Villages

Wandering around the prefecture of Serres, you will come across an assortment of beautiful settlements.

Agia Eleni : is a village famous for the custom of “Anastenaria” (walking on coals).

Alistrati: a hamlet gifted with a magnificent cave and an imposing canyon.

Amphipolis: 62km from Serres, this was once an Athenian colony in 437BC. The Lion of Amphipolis, this sculpture from the 4th century BC was found nearby, and later restored and now stands guard over the bridge.

Nigrita: this small village is renowned for its mineral springs and spa.

Nea Kerdilia: is a small tourist resort on the coast of the Gulf of Orfanos

Sidirokastro: this charming border town on the banks of the River Kroussovitis, named after the castle ( Iron Castle) that stands on the 155m high rock overlooking the town. The Folklore Museum has displays from the region.

Lake Kerkini : is ideal for fishing and the nearby villages are ideal base for further exploration of the area.

Lai-Lai Ski Centre: 27km from Serres is a popular winter resort; with ski lifts to the top, also there is a restaurant and ski lodge.


Rail: Services run from Athens via Thessaloniki and Kilkis to Serres.

Bus: services run from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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