Has it ever occurred to you to meet a person, and for him to introduce himself as a an “office clerk” or “secretary”, but something in his eye, in his face or in his stance tells you that this person is much more than what he says he is. Not that he is lying, but there is that something that… makes you believe that this person is much more than what he is saying? Well, that person is Piraeus.

I don’t know how easily that can be perceived by a tourist, in the short time that he has at his disposal, but by wandering through its ports, wide roads but also narrow pathways of the working class who had established here originally, I have felt that a type of energy exists in this place, a power that bestows happiness.

I feel unbelievably free in Piraeus. I love Piraeus. Many people have loved and love Piraeus. It has been sung about, like no other place in this country. Perhaps because many people have felt pain and have cried in this place, it has been blessed by God so that it be loved just as equally. Piraeus is not just taverns and glamorous hang outs. Piraeus has soul. Piraeus is the soul of Greece. I hope you will feel it too.

How To Get There

  1. By the electric train line [Green Line], half an hour from Omonia Square, it terminates right in front of the port.
  2. By Bus 040, from Filellinon Street, Syndagma Square. It passes through Kalithea, and then in front of the SEF and then passes by Iroon Polytechniou Avenue.
  3. By tram, “Syndagma – Neo Faliro’ the trip lasts 50 minutes, and the tram terminates outside of the SEF.


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