The prefecture of Pela covering 2,506 sq, km is mainly agricultural based, though there are mountains to climb and slopes to be skied. Also known for its abundance of water and waterfalls, it comes as no surprise that one of Greece ’s largest hydroelectric plants his here. The water to feed the plant comes from a lake covering 1,000,000 sq m. the lake is a good habitat for wild birds.

Edessa , the main town of the prefecture of Pela , built on Mt. Vermion overlooking the fertile plains of the region. The town has a beautiful waterfall, behind which there is a small cave with a chapel dedicated to the Ascension. The water Museum, displays exhibits from the water industry. Varosi is the charming old district with narrow lanes, old-fashioned houses and churches.

Ancient Pela, was the capital of the Macedonian kingdom during the reign of Archelaos (413-399BC) and was a major political and economic centre in Macedonia . Excavations revealed the remains of houses, palaces and cemetery’s and sanctuaries to the gods. Artefacts include stunning mosaics, depicting scenes from mythology are in the museum, and is well worth visiting. Pela is also the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

The towns of Skidra and Aridea are major areas for the growing of fruit. Gianitsa is the largest town in the prefecture and a centre for animal breeding and agriculture

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