Milos Island

Milos with its dramatic coastline is the most westerly of the Cyclades . With spectacular rock formations in a range of colours, thermal springs and beaches, it is a delight for the visitor. Milos has also has many ancient site to visit. The island has been throughout the ages. invaded by the Athenians through to the Romans and Turks. The islands main source of income is the mining of minerals. Milos is famous for the Statue of Milos de Venus, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris .

Plaka is the capital of Milos , along with the suburb of Trypiti is a pleasant town perched on the cliffs overlooking the port of Adamantas . The town, on the site of the ancient city of Milos , later destroyed by the Athenians, and then rebuilt and settled by the Romans. Only the ruins of the Roman settlement are visible, along with the Christian Catacombs the only Christian catacombs to be in Greece .

The Archaeological Museum has on display a plaster cast copy of Venus de Milo, along with other ancient artefacts from around the island. The most famous is the Lady of Philakopi, decorated in the minion style.

The History and Folk Museum housed in a 19th century mansion, and has displays of local costumes and furniture.

The Kastro built on top of the ancient acropolis, where only the houses remain. Above the Kastro is the church of Panagia Schoiniotissa , (Our Lady of the Bushes), after an icon of the Virgin Mary appeared in a burning bush where an old church stood. The church of Panagia Thalassssitra is nearby, and has wonderful icons of Christ, the Virgin Mary and Agios Eleftherios. The celebrated statue of Venous de Milo, a farmer discovered half of the statue in a cave in 1820, and a Frenchman found the other half, the statue given as a gift for Louis XVIII, is on show in Paris . The missing arms have gone astray in a struggle for ownership.

Good beaches around the island are at Lakada, which is popular with families, Apollonia, where you can take water taxis to the islet of Kimolos. Ancient Philakopi, to the south of Apollonia is the location of an ancient Mycenaean city, a large part of the city is now underwater.

The island of Milos, located in the Western Cyclades, has been my personal favorite island almost from the first day of my first visit. It captures for me what an escape to the Greek islands is all about: the mysterious past, hardly limited, in the case of Milos, to the Prehistoric, Classical, and Christian periods, because in fact when we talk about Milos’ past, we are talking about geological history as well as human history; the romance of Cycladic cubic white houses – which, as you will discover when you visit the Archaeological Museum of Milos, are nothing new to the area; the temptations of delicious food in a relaxed environment; and of course, some of the best beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

When you first enter the main harbor of Milos, which sits back in a deep bay, you feel as if you are entering an embrace. The small but bustly port town of Adamanta (also called Adamas) welcomes you with a collection of tavernas, bars, cafes, and shops offering locally made crafts. An efficient bus system takes you up the high hill overlooking the harbor towards the island’s beautiful capital, Plaka, named presumably for the large slate paving stones of its fully pedestrian streets. Further exploration inland, and around the coast of the island, reveals dozens of beaches, several historical sites of great significance, and many sweeping vistas (if your knees are up to climbing).


Useful Info

Island telephone code: 02870

  1. Police: 02870-21378
  2. Port Authority: 02870-22100
  3. Tourist Office: 02870-22445
  4. Adamanta Clinic: 02870-21755
  5. Plaka Clinic: 02870-22700
  6. Airport: 02870-22381
  7. Adamanta Taxi: 02870-22219
  8. Triovasalos Taxi: 02870-21306
  9. Archaeological Museum: 02870-21620
  10. Historical and Folk Museum: 02870-21292
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