Leros Island

Leros is relativity untouched by mass tourism, and therefore makes an ideal destination for those seeking a more relaxing holiday, away from the hot spots of the more touristy Greek islands. The island was infamous, when the military junta ruled Greece , prison camps were built on Leros to accommodate the political dissidents who opposed the military junta. Leros is famous for its cultural history, with many musicians and poets coming from the island.

Lakki the principle port and the former capital of the island, was once an important naval base for the foreign powers who have fought to control the Aegean . During the Second World War, the Italians redesigned the town as part of Mussolini’s dream of a new roman empire, wide avenues lined with Art Deco buildings falling into disrepair, bear witness to follies of megalomaniacs. Though the town is quiet during the day, it becomes lively during the evening, with some decent cafes and restaurants.

Platanos is the main town of the island, after the Italians decided to make Lakki the showpiece capital of the island, the Greeks abandoned Lakki and defiantly named Platanos the new capital of the island. The Byzantine Kastro perched upon the hill overlooking the village offers stunning views over Leros. The small port of Agia Marina is within walking distance from the village.

Alinda and Krithoni are neighbouring resorts. Alinda is an excellent place for water sports and is busy in the summer months. The Historical and Folklore Museum in the Bellini Castle , built by an expatriate benefactor has displays from life on the island. Little remains of the Temple of Artemis (goddess of the moon and hunting), overlooking the airport at Partheni, though her influence is still to be found on Leros, all property is passed down through the female line of the family, so if you want to marry a girl with property Leros is the place. On the waterfront of Krithoni is a war cemetery for the commonwealth soldiers who died here during the fierce battles in 1943 on the island.

Xirokampos is a relaxed resort that offers opportunities for water sports and overlooked by the ruins of a former 3 rd century castle within the huge walls there is a small church with some nice mosaics.

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