Covering an area of 4,441 square kilometres, with mountains and delightful beaches this area of central Greece , is ideal for summer and winter holidays.


The capital of the prefecture and it is a busy commercial town. Situated on the slopes of Mt. Othris , with the Frankish fort overlooking the town. On another hill with views to the island of Evia stands the 19 th century church pf Agios Loukas. Hotels and restaurants are built around the four squares of the town.


The thermal springs here, have since antiquity made the village an important resort. On the pass of Thermopylae , southeast of the town on the main Athens to Lamia road, stands a large statue of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. The statue commemorates the heroic battle in which they fought and died, delaying the Persian army in 480 BC.


This village is relativity untouched by mass tourism, here is the starting point for tours into the national park.

Iti National Park

On the slopes of Mt. Oiti , this forest is according to legend, is where Hercules built his own funeral pyre, as his mortal body burnt his spirit joined the Gods on Mt. Olympus . The forest and surrounding area is excellent for walking holidays.

Moni Agathonos

The monastery lies 7km. from Ipati, here is the Museum of Oiti Natural History .


The catacombs of St. Athanassios are worth having a look at, the town is the agricultural centre of the area.


In the region of Fthiotida there are numerous coastal villages that are worth the time to explore.

Mountaineering and Skiing are possible in the region, you will find clubs in Atalandi and Lamia who can help you.

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