Easter holidays in Greece

It is not a coincidence that the tradition of Holly Easter takes place during spring season. It signifies the rebirth of nature where a new life-cycle starts, with trees and flowers start blossoming. This could be the idea behind Jesus Christ’s resurrection, a new life after death.

The holiday of Easter is the holiest religious feast in Greece. People of this country suffered great hardships during the course of their history; the resurrection affects strongly their mentality, signifying the hope of a better life going through many adversities.

Related to the feast of Easter are many interesting customs taking place all over Greece. During the Easter Week churches are packed with people. Some of its most noteworthy customs are Easter eggs in red color which signify the blood of Jesus Christ, tsourekia (cookies with flour and eggs), the Epitaph and the Resurrection of Christ on Holy Saturday, celebrated by fireworks outside churches. Last but not least, the lamb on Holly Sunday, which is traditionally prepared on the spit.

There are many popular destinations in Greece in regards to the holiday of Easter feast:

  1. Patmos Island, the place where St John wrote the New Testament’s Book of Revelation – and is sometimes called the ‘Jerusalem of the Aegean’.
  2. Chios Island is a must-go place for those who want to experience frantic fireworks festivity.
  3. Corfu Island has a special tradition of ‘pot – throwing’, where people throw stamnes (pots) filled in with water from their balconies.

All parts of Greece have beautiful Easter customs that one should experience at least once in his lifetime.

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