Agios Eustratios Island

Agios Eustratios (Ayios Efstratios), located 21 nautical miles from Myrina, is the smallest island in the region with a population of no more than 300 souls. Agios Eustratios is known as a site of exile during the Greek Civil War. It is volcanic.

It’s largest plain is located on the NE section of the island, at Alonitsi, where a far-reaching vineyard used to be. A smaller valley is located on the outskirts of the modern settlement.

The island has only a little foliage, especially in the northeastern areas where there are scattered forested areas made up mainly of maples. The settlement and the port of Agios Eustratios are located on the northwestern section of the island and have only very few rooms available for tourists.

Useful Info

Agios Eustratios town office: 22540-93210

Rural Clinic: 22540-93222

Police: 22540-93201

Port Authority: 22540-93393

How To Get There: Daily boats leave from the port of Myrina (Lemnos).

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