Aegina Island

When friends discuss about their short-term vacations, the islands of the Saronic Gulf occupy a prominent place with a special preference for the island of Aegina. Aegina is an extremely beautiful island that has the advantage of being in a short distance from Athens.

Visitors have the opportunity of being in an insular environment a short distance from Piraeus and to enjoy the beauty of an insular landscape. This is one of the many reasons for which Aegina is one of the most popular destinations for one day trips.

Aegina has sandy beaches, with clean and cool water and all the facilities that will make your life easy and exciting. It has hundreds of fish taverns with fresh fish, is famous for its pistachios that are produced on the island and bear its name (Aegina pistachios), for the church of Agios Nektarios as well as the temple of Aphaea.

Aegina is a very lively island, very hospitable and has many things to offer to the tourists who visit the island. Most importantly, one can combine all these within a single day and one never gets bored if he stays longer. On the contrary! Upon leaving, don’t forget to take with you some pistachios.

Useful Info

The island’s Feast Day is celebrated on November 9, Saint Nektarios
Traditional product of the island are the Aeginean nuts, known as pistachio
Telephone Area code: 22970
Area Post Code: 180 10

Useful Telephone numbers
Municipality of Aegina: 22970 24444, 22220
Police: 22970 23333
Tourist Police: 22970 27777
Port Authority: 22970 22328, 25734
Hospital: 22970 26646, 24489, 22251
Health Centre: 22970 22886
Post Office: 22970 22398, 24742
KTEL (Buses): 22970 22787
TAXI: 22970 22635



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