Typical Greek Menu



Taramosaláta, a purée of salted roe, potatoes and breadcrumbs, once eaten in Lent, now served all the year.

Souvlaki, pieces of pork seasoned with herbs, lemon and oil, grilled on skewers and served with tzatziki a creamy mixture of cumber, yoghurt, garlic and mint.

Melizanoasálta, a purée of grilled aubergines and herbs,

Revythosaláta, a purée of chick peas coriander and garlic.

Dolmádes, vine leaves filled with pine nuts, currants and rice.

Melizánes imám baϊldi, aubergines filled with onions, tomatoes and herbs.

Choriátiki saláta , Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumber, onions, herbs also capers and feta cheese.

Fish dishes:

Plaki, fish baked with potatoes, carrots, leeks with a tomatoes, fennel and olive oil sauce.

Tiganitá Kalamária, a dish of fried squid.

Scháras, grilled fish served with salad.

Tsirosaláta, served as a starter, is thin strips of smoked fish, baked beetroot and fresh herbs.

Steίdia, oysters served with shallots, red wine vinegar and parsley sauce.

Achinoi, made from the roe of sea urchins.

Psarόsoupa, fish soup consisting of, a variety of fish and shellfish cooked in herb and leek broth.

Astakόs, lobster served olive oil and lemon.

Tόnnos psitόs, tuna fish, pan fried served wit a variety of vegetables.

Marides, fried whitebait served with lettuce, dill and spring onions.

Barboύnia, fried red mullet served whole.

Garides giouvétsi , shrimps and prawns baked with tomato, olive oil and parsley sauce and garnished with feta cheese.

Sardélles, grilled sardines served with lemon and fresh dill.

Chtapόdi, pieces of squid or octopus served in red vinegar and olive oil.

Kávouras, boiled crab served with olives and an olive oil and lemon juice sauce.

Lavráki, sea bass baked in olive oil, red wine and rosemary, served with a fresh salad.

Each island group has its own regional culinary delights, from the richly flavoured food of the Cyclades Islands to Crete with its spicy food. The islands of the Dodecanese and the islands of the northeast Aegean specialise in fish dishes. The Ionian Islands have many pasta dishes, reflecting the Ventian occupation of the island, though many of the regional recipes now can be found all over Greece.

Saláta limniόtiki , a starter from the Aegean , made with potatoes, dill and capers.

Angináres a la politia, artichokes served in an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Fáva, is a purée of Santorini lentils with capers and olive oil.

Prása me sousámi , is baked leeks with sesame seeds.

Mpriám, a casserole made with vegetables topped with a crust of breadcrumbs and cheese.

Pastitsio, a pie popular on Corfu , made from layers of macaroni, meat and tomato filling, and a béchamel sauce, sprinkled with cheese.

Glyká, preserved fruits in syrup consisting of pistachio nuts, cherries and oranges usually served with sweet bread.

Meat dishes:

Mousakás, layers of fried aubergine, potatoes, minced meat also béchamel sauce and topped with cheese.

Keftédes , savoury herb meat patties fried, and served with rice.

Kléftiko, normally goat meat cooked in parchment paper to retain flavour and juices.


Fresh fruit.

Giaoύrti kai méli, yoghurt with honey.

SЎka sto foύrno me Mavrodáfni, fresh figs baked in Mavrodaphne wine sauce made with spices, honey and orange flower water.


The Greeks consider bread to be an important part of each meal; special bread is baked to celebrate special religious festivals in the Orthodox Church. Wide ranges of breads include:

Paximádia, is bread, baked twice.

Pita: is unleavened bread.

Koulourákia, are sweet or plain bread rolls.


Greece produces several types of cheeses, made from cow, goat or sheep milk. With Feta cheese being the most well known.

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