The prefecture of Kilkis has an area of 2,519 sq. km. and is mainly rural and not on the main tourist track. The terrain and the mountains are ideal for those who love trekking in unspoilt nature.

Prefecture Capital

Kilkis is also the name of the main town of the prefecture. The hill of Ai-Giorgis overlooks the town, situated on the top is the Byzantine church of Agios Georgios, built in 1913 inside are some interesting wall paintings. The Ai-Giorgis cave, which has an area of over 1,000 square metres over two levels, has an impressive display of stalagmites and stalactites.

The Archaeological Museum: hason display artefacts from the ancient city of Goumenissa, along with finds from around the region.

Kilkis War Museum : is on the hill of Ai-Giorgis, along with the Hero’s monument commemorates the Battle of Liberation.

Villages in the region

Palio Ginekokastro: here are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress, built by Andronikos III Palaeologos between the years 1328 to 1341.

Lake Doirani : this is idyllic lake with small hamlets around its shores is ideal for swimming and fishing. Small tavernas serve local delicacies fished from the lake. Doirani is the border crossing point into the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.

Goumenissa: in this village is the ancient site of Europos, artefacts from here is on display in the Archaeological Museum in Kilkis. In addition, Goumenissa is known for its excellent wines.

Kolhida: is the site of a 6 th century Christian settlement, also here are some remains tombs from the 4th century AD.

Skra: in this village is a monument to those who fell in the Battle of Skra Ravine in 1919.

Mt. Paiko : (1,500m) has many small charming villages, Griva, Kastaneri, Livadia set in splendid nature.


Rail: a regular service runs to Kilkis, from Athens via Thessaloniki and to the Bulgarian border crossing at Idomeni. (Vehicles cross the border at Evzoni or Doirani).

Bus: a regular service runs from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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