This small rocky island is for the more adventurous traveller, there are no golden beaches on the island, and therefore tourism is limited. The island also has suffered along with others in the region from wars and invasions. This once proud island with its traditions in shipping and trade lost it all due to theses trials and tribulations. Many of the islanders decided to emigrate to other lands, and the island fell into decline. Today the island is slowly recovering and old houses are being renovate and newer developments are under construction. The island gets its name from the Castello Rosa (red castle) used by the Knights of St. John.

Megisti also known as Kastellorizo is the only settlement on the island. Built around the harbour with houses along the waterfront, on the mountain that overlooks the town, is the castle it offers wonderful views over to Turkey . Nearby the castle is a museum with some interesting exhibits from the island past. A Lyceum Tomb with a Doriac facade is only a short walk away, it is the only one known in Greece . Megisti has some excellent restaurants along the harbour, along with cafes and bars. From the town you can take a boat to the islets of Ro and Strongli, both islets have good beaches. The Monastery of Moni Agiou Georgiou the largest on the island, has an underground chapel were children were taught the faith during the time the island was under control of the Turks.


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