This the last island in the Dodecanese Island group before Crete . This rocky island with few beaches has very little to offer the package tourist, it is for the more inquisitive back packer. The island had its heyday in the 18 th century, when it grew prosperous on merchant shipping and trade. The islanders were very active during the War of Independence in 1821. This activity earned retribution from the Turkish Governor of Egypt , Mohammed Ali. He ordered at all the residents of Kasos, (over 7000) should be slaughtered. In addition, the islands buildings should be set afire and destroyed. On the anniversary of this tragic event in the islands history, islanders who have emigrated return to Kasos to participate.

Fri the islands main town built around Bouka Bay , the town is small with old houses once belonging to sea captains. The old harbour is rather charming, the town has some good eating-places and a few hotels, though these are fully booked in June, when the islanders return for the anniversary of the massacre. Beaches on the island are decent, but lack many of the services one expects on Greek islands. The island has two monasteries but they are uninhabited. Despite the lack of amenities, the villagers are friendly and hospitable.

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