Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Santorini - The Best Destination For Honeymoons Worldwide

Once again the Greek islands find themselves in the top list of global polls. This time Santorini (1st place) and Crete (3rd place) were voted as the best destinations for honeymoons worldwide. This shows that such unique places if used properly and intelligently can boost the visits in our country.

According, therefore, to a vote conducted by the American site US News Travel involving experts and travelers, within the top three of the best destinations worldwide for honeymoon are two Greek islands.

The world's top 10 list:
1. Santorini
2. Maui (Hawaii)
3. Crete
4. Kauai (Hawaii)
5. Florence (Italy)
6. Venice (Italy)
7. Turks & Caicos Islands (Caribbean)
8. Martinique
9. St. Martin (Caribbean)
10. Paris (France)

Oia, Santorini island, Greece
Ballos Bay, Chania, Crete island, Greece
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