Monday, 23 July 2012

Greek Student Wins Bronze Medal at the International Biology Olympiad in Singapore

Two Greek pupils received significant distinctions during the 23rdInternational Biology Olympiad held in Singapore (8–15 July 2012) making Greece proud.

Pupil Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris won the bronze medal, while pupil Efrosyni Koroneoy received an award during the competition.

The PanHellenic Union of Bioscientists (PUB) notes that “the distinction the pupils achieved is of great significance, given that they had to compete against pupils who receive more extensive theoretical and practical biology education by their schools and prepare themselves for a long period for the Olympiad,” and continued, “right after the exhausting PanHellenic exams, our pupils followed a training program at the Biology Department of the University of Athens and the Foundation of Medical and Biological Research of the Academy of Athens, which attempted to fill the gaps of the mandated biology education in Greek schools.”

The Greek pupils were Konstantinos Samaras from Mantoulides Private Schools, Efrosyni Koroneoy from the 2nd High School in Chalkida, Agapi Rissaki from the 2nd High School of Glykon Neron and Konstantinidoy Irene from Mantoylides Private Schools, and they were accompanied by professors Panagiotis Stasinakis and Venetia Nikita.

250 pupils from 60 countries participated at the 23rd International Biology Olympiad in Singapore. The competition is organized by IBO and has been taking place for the last 23 consecutive years in various countries. Greece has been taking part through PUB since 2005 and it is already the second time our country receives an important distinction in this competition..

By Areti Kotseli, Greek Reporter
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