Friday, 18 May 2012

Pick of the day #19

Parga, Preveza

Parga (Greek: Πάργα) is a town located in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece. Parga lies on the Ionian coast between the cities of Preveza and Igoumenitsa. It is a resort town known for its scenic beauty.

City amphitheatrically built, Parga is a picturesque resort that combines uniquely mountain and sea. One of the most cosmopolitan places in northwestern Greece, the “Bride of Epirus”, the beautiful Parga challenges you to experience up close its long history, its diverse natural beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Parga rightfully attracts thousands of tourists every summer, not only because of its natural beauties, but also because of its beautiful beaches. You can enjoy your bath in the calm and hot water, but also you can do many of your favorite sea sports or games. The coasts of Parga are probably the best part by the beaches of Ionian Sea. The most popular and most visited beaches are: Valtos, Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri, Lichnos, Sarakiniko, Ai Giannakis and other steep but also of rare beauty beaches.

One of the cities attractions is the island of Panagia:

Another attraction is the castle of Parga, demolished twice by the Ottomans and rebuilt by Venetians:

Add Parga in your vacations list! 

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