Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We are Hellenes and we are proud of it

This is exactly how i feel sometimes.. It is important to remind the world about our contribution, as Greeks, to the humanity. Ideas and concepts that affect the society nowadays were first generated by the Greeks in ancient times. To name just a few, democracy, philosophy and drama (in the sense of theatre, performances and movies) are part of our contribution. Even the Olympic games first took place in Athens for many years.

Watch a Greek actress, Katerina Moutsatsou, how tries to promote Greece in such a way that no one else ever done before:

Interesting points are made, especially about tourism, one of the main income sources for Greece. Tourism is averaging 15-18% of the national GDP, but has the potential to increase even more.

The world is pre-occupied against us and her second video attempt shows the reason why they shouldn't be.

We are Hellenes and we will always be proud of that! 

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